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12 August 2021

Grünenthal’s manufacturing sites now send zero waste to landfill

Grünenthal manufacturing site
Grünenthal’s manufacturing sites worldwide have hit a key target: they now send zero waste to landfill. This achievement marks a big step forward in our strong commitment to cutting our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability.

When waste enters landfill sites, it can cause serious problems – like water pollution, damage to animal habitats, and negative effects on human health. In 2020, Grünenthal’s teams set themselves the ambitious goal of sending absolutely zero waste to landfills from our manufacturing facilities. Today, just one year later, we have achieved this target at all of our production sites around the globe. From separating waste in the production area through to raising awareness and exploring fresh ideas for how to reduce, reuse and recycle more waste to finally identifying incineration opportunities for which recycling is not practical yet: Together, our teams have made a big contribution to cutting our company’s impact on the planet.


“Sending zero waste to landfill combines both our entrepreneurial and our environmental responsibility,” says Victor Barbosa, Head of Global Operations at Grünenthal. “And we have a clear plan to keep cutting waste and using less energy and water in the future. Everybody at Grünenthal is responsible for making sure we use resources sustainably and avoid waste wherever possible.”
Victor Barbosa, Head of Global Operations at Grünenthal

“Zero waste to landfill combines our entrepreneurial and our environmental responsibility.”

Victor Barbosa,

Head of Global Operations at Grünenthal

Grünenthal is now focusing on setting a roadmap for sustainability in every area of the company. This includes a running target to reduce waste by 5 percent year-over-year by promoting reuse and recycling.
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