1. General Information

1.1 Content of this website

This website is the internet presence of Grünenthal GmbH’s business unit “Global Product Supply – Toll Manufacturing Business” (hereinafter referred to as ”we” or “Grünenthal”). This website provides information about Grünenthal’s toll manufacturing service portfolio.

Please kindly note that the information on the product portfolio provided by this website is only intended for the use of professionals in the pharmaceutical business. All contents are published for information purposes only. Grünenthal reserves the right to delete, to change or to supplement the content of its Internet sites, or to remove these from the Internet either in whole or in part at any time without prior notification at its sole discretion.

1.2 Exclusion of liability

The contents of this website have been created with adequate care. However, any and all liability which might arise from your use of, or reliance on the accuracy, up-to-dateness and/or completeness of, the information or links contained on the website is expressly excluded.

The Internet sites contain hypertext references (“Links”) to information located on servers which are operated by third parties and which are not subject to the control of Grünenthal. Please kindly note that only the publisher/editor is responsible for the content of such websites. Further please kindly note that Grünenthal is not liable and does not assume liability for the content of such third party websites. We only put a link to a third party website on our websites if at the time of linking there was no illegal content identifiable. However, please kindly note, that we cannot and do not control linked websites permanently. We will only do so in case we become aware that there is a reason to believe that a linked website contains illegal content. We therefore exclude any and all liability for contents which have been modified after our first linkage to the third party website. By using such third party websites you acknowledge that you do this on your own account and risk.

1.3. Copyright

Please kindly note that any and all contents compiled by or on behalf of Grünenthal are copyright protected. Any usage, e.g. but not limited to copying (including downloading), editing, amending, translating, or distribution of copyright protected content, especially but not limited to graphic art, pictures, videos and texts, is prohibited without our prior written approval of the copyright owner/of the one having the exclusive user right. In case we are neither the copyright owner of nor have the exclusive user rights to a specific content we marked that content and indicated the copyright owner.

last update:  30 Sep 2015