Grünenthal’s production site in Chile, Andromaco S.A.


Production Site Chile

Grünenthal’s production site in Chile, Andromaco S.A., is the company’s center of excellence for hormone production and the most modern in Latin America. Grünenthal invested USD 14.5 million to build the 1,150 m2 hormone plant – strengthening its position among the three largest pharmaceutical companies in Chile. The new facility was introduced in January 2017. It delivers high quality women’s health products to the Chilean market and also provides products for other Latin American markets, including Brazil and Mexico. The site is under certification from various health authorities.

The hormone products we offer, include contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapies (pills and hormone gels).

In a second plant of 3,500m2 conventional product is being produced and packaged.

Certified quality control services include the following: physical-chemical testing, microbiological testing and introducing qualitative analytics using transmission RAMAN spectroscopy (TRS).

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Laboratorios Andrómaco

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