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Our Global Operations team maintains five specialized plants on two continents. The plants operate as full-service CMOs vertically integrated from active substance to finished products with a strong service portfolio, export into 100 countries worldwide and special technologies.

Together with all relevant services around an end-to-end supply chain they make sure our customers are satisfied in every way. How can our Global Operations team help you?

Manufacturing sites

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Global Production Network

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Grünenthal’s production site in Chile, Andromaco S.A.


Grünenthal’s production site in Chile, Andromaco S.A., is the company’s center of excellence for hormone production and the most modern in Latin America.
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Our manufacturing site in Quito is the largest and most modern manufacturing plant for solid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals in Ecuador. It is one of the few sites in Latin America that is certified by both Latin American and European authorities.

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Grünenthal Global Headquarters in Aachen, Germany


At the Global Headquarters in Aachen, Germany, Grünenthal produces various APIs in a multi-purpose API plant – currently tapentadol, betahistine, codeine resinate, phenyltoloxamine resinate and oxatomide.
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Italian production site


The Italian production site Formenti S.p.A. in Origgio near Milan with 50,000 m2 focuses on the production of solid pharmaceutical forms for oral administration as well as biopharma assembly and packaging.
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Production facility of Proto Chemicals AG in Mitlödi, Switzerland


The production facility of Proto Chemicals AG in Mitlödi, Switzerland, was specifically established to produce the active substance tramadol. The consolidated API sites Aachen and Mitlödi offer betahistine and other substances.
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