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16 April 2020

Grünenthal hormone production site in Santiago de Chile awarded key Brazilian government certification

Grünenthal hormone production site in Santiago de Chile awarded key Brazilian government certification
Grünenthal’s production site in Santiago de Chile is now certified by ANVISA, the Brazilian Health Regulatory Authority. This success further strengthens Grünenthal’s Contract Manufacturing Business and opens up opportunities to supply hormones and women’s health products in Brazil.

“This certification will empower us to provide innovative products to women across Latin America.”

Jorge Sosa,

Director of the manufacturing site in Santiago, Chile.

At the end of last year, representatives from the Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) visited Grünenthal’s production site for hormones and women’s health products in Santiago de Chile to inspect the site in line with the Brazilian government’s recently updated standards for quality and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Upon conclusion of the inspection, they recommended a certification with the rating “strong”. This marks the first time that Grünenthal’s production site in Chile has been inspected in line with this standard – and the positive outcome is a major milestone in the company’s ambitious plans for Latin America.

Grünenthal has been active in Chile since 1979 and opened its modern hormone facility in 2017. The production site covers 1,150 square metres and acts as Grünenthal’s centre of excellence for producing hormones, women’s health products and contraceptives including pills and gels. The certification from ANVISA now opens up opportunities to supply these products in Brazil, which accounts for almost 50 percent of the pharmaceutical market in Latin America. The certification also provides a boost for Grünenthal’s strong Contract Manufacturing Business in this area of the world, further strengthening our position as the partner of choice for companies across this growing and dynamic region.

This certification from ANVISA is the latest step forward in Grünenthal’s strategic approach to targeting growth opportunities in Latin America. It reflects our strong commitment to outstanding quality, excellent facilities, smooth processes and solid documentation. Moving forward, Grünenthal aims to use this achievement as an opportunity to provide women in Latin America with access to innovative pharmaceutical products – and contribute to enhancing the health and wellbeing of people in this region.


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