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21 January 2021

Grünenthal Colombia achieves top ranking for outstanding logistics

Worldmap on a tablet, showing international logistic sites
Our affiliate in Colombia recently achieved second place in a national ranking of logistics processes for companies in the health sector. This strong result shows that our new collaborative approach is creating real value for customers and patients.
The COLDEX 2020 is a well-known rating collaboration index in Colombia and Latin America, led by LOGYCA. The ranking is based on a survey of companies, including many of our key customers, and assesses the participants’ commercial and logistics processes. As part of our approach to continuous improvement, our local team has participated in the “Logistics Processes” category within the “Health Sector Service Level” for the last three years. In its last edition awarded during the fourth quarter of 2020, 45 companies participated and we ranked in second place. This is an important improvement over our performance in 2018, when we ranked in fourteenth position and in 2019 in the third place.

“This great result shows the progress we’re making in Grünenthal Colombia – and in Latin America overall.”

José Prieto, Head Global Supply Chain

Our local team has been working hard to transform our approach and our mindset in Grünenthal Colombia in recent years, and this ranking is a positive sign of the progress we’ve made. The team is committed to shifting towards a more collaborative way of working that focuses on building strong relationships with our business partners. The new approach emphasises trust and promotes open dialogue to identify shared objectives with our partners, and then agree improvement priorities and measurement approaches.
Looking ahead, we’re now planning to roll out this collaborative model across Grünenthal Latin America. This move is part of our strong commitment to meeting patients’ needs and becoming a strategic partner for our customers. Our position within the COLDEX 2020 ranking is evidence of the capacity, reliability and sustainability of our logistics processes. For this reason, it’s a very important milestone for our Colombian affiliate, and a fantastic example of how we work together to improve quality of life for patients.