Production Site Germany


All packaging sites are equipped with serialization and aggregation infrastructure to match the various national requirements.

At the Global Headquarters in Aachen, Germany, Grünenthal produces various APIs in a multi-purpose API plant – currently tapentadol, betahistine, codeine resinate, phenyltoloxamine resinate and oxatomide.

The manufacturing hub also has a high-performance packaging center hosting 20 packaging lines that can package ampoules, bottles, patches as well as various blisters including alu-alu. All lines are track-and-trace equipped and can cover various requirements on serialization and aggregation.

From Germany we ship into 100 markets in the world. (see our authority qualifications)

A central distribution center with high-rack warehouse manages global supply also of scheduled products such as narcotics.

The plant is certified by the FDA, European and various country authorities such as Russia, Brazilian ANVISA and other. It is certified according to EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Contact information:

Grünenthal GmbH

Zieglerstraße 6

52078 Aachen


Phone +49 241 569 2009

E-Mail contact@grunenthal-pro.com